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Mini-Series Master List

These are all short, complete AU series. They run the gamut from light and fluffy to dark and angsty. A few of them have explicit warnings, so please be aware of them!

Gallows Pole
An AU series based on the events of Born Under a Bad Sign (SPN 2.14). Please be mindful of the warnings for each fic.

Keep You From the Gallows Pole
[gen; PG-13 for dark themes and implied rape] “I’m sorry,” he says, though he’s not sure if he is apologizing for his brother or himself.

A Face From the Ancient Gallery
[gen; R for violence and rape] He feels different, as if he is outside his own body, as if he is watching a movie rather than acting it out.

Nothing You Can Say To Make Me Change My Mind
[gen; PG-13 for dark themes] She knows she should call, to let them know that she’ll be all right eventually (maybe), but it’s been three days and the nightmares have only gotten worse.

All These Places Feel Like Home
[gen; PG-13] It makes sense now, all the hunts Dean found between Indianapolis and Chicago during that fifteen year span between Duluth and their pseudo-retirement to Idaho, all the days Dean disappeared only to come back around six or seven without even a trace of cigarette smoke or cheap beer.

In My Hour of Darkness
[Dean/Jo; PG-13 for dark themes and mention of rape] “You’ve done nothing, Dean,” he answers vehemently. “It wasn’t your fault.” Sam manhandles Dean over to the passenger side and helps him into the car. “It wasn’t your fault,” he repeats just before he shuts the door. A happier remix of "Nothing You Can Say To Make Me Change My Mind."

An AU series that diverts from canon after Everybody Loves a Clown (SPN 2.02). Features Dean, Jo, and Sam traveling and hunting together.

Tampax Was There
[gen, PG] He glances at Jo in the rearview mirror. He’s still not sure how Sam convinced him that taking her along on hunts for a few weeks was a good idea.

Let's Go Get Lost Here In the USA
[gen, PG] She knows it’s only for a couple of months, but she wishes it would last forever.

Rock and Roll Razorblade
[gen, PG] He thinks he can hear muffled sobs, and he freezes. Is she crying? He frowns; Jo doesn’t cry, even when she’s been thrown around by an angry ghost. Something is not right.

You Shook Me All Night Long
[Dean/Jo, PG] Sam takes in the scene, blinking at the sight of Jo lying among the bedsheets, her chest heaving with each pounding breath and her hair falling out of its trappings, and Dean knows what it must look like to his brother, even though nothing happened.

The Internet Is For Porn
[gen; PG] Jo isn’t sure what to do. The photoshop program they use for making IDs is pulled up on the screen and it appears to be frozen, but that isn’t what has startled her. It’s more what is on the photoshop program.

The Internet Isn't Just For Porn
[gen; PG] “It is on, Sam Winchester,” she spits emphatically. “It is on.”

I Am the Switch That Derails Your Train
[Dean/Jo; PG] But. And of course there’s a but, because it’s Jo, and with her, there’s always something.

Desolation Angels
An AU series that picks up after the events of part one of All Hell Breaks Loose (SPN 2.21). Features Dean and an OFC.

Desolation Angels
[gen; PG] She slides into the passenger seat and shuts the door as he throws the car into drive. He speeds down the empty highway, deftly avoiding the dead cars dotting the asphalt.

[gen; PG] They’ve scattered – been scattered – to the four winds, every last person he ever knew, and he has no idea whether they’re alive or not. And this girl, she’s offering a place to lay his head that’s not the back seat of the Impala, food that may actually be decent. He looks up at her and says, “I’ll keep driving, thanks.”

Rocky Mountain High
[gen; PG] He pops the trunk, the familiar motion an old friend. “Take this.” He hands her a pistol and grabs a handful of bullets.

Barricades of Heaven
[gen; PG] She asks him why and, as usual, he doesn’t give her a straight answer.

Take It Easy
[Dean/OFC; PG] It turns out Florida’s not such a good idea. The sun’s too bright and Florida looks too much like California and he realizes that it’s probably May. The world ended a year ago.

[Dean/OFC; PG-13] It’s the first time in a long time Jamie’s glad there’s an extra bed.

DVD Extras for Desolation Angels:

Young Lust [Dean/OFC; PG-13] So he – so they have to be careful. Or rather, they will have to be. A deleted scene from Rocky Mountain High.

Braver Newer World [gen; PG] There’s a girl sitting on the hood of a Dodge (and isn’t there a Bruce Springsteen song about that and why the hell is he thinking in song lyrics anyway?), and she looks so lost and alone that he can’t help but pull over. The original idea that later morphed into Desolation Angels.

An AU in which Jo and Sam were married and Dean continued to hunt, only for tragedy to strike.

Here in this perdition we go on and on
[Dean/Jo; PG-13] He moves as if he’s about to speak, but he shakes his head and walks away, his back straight. Jo wonders if she’ll ever see him again.

The dice were loaded from the start
[Dean/Jo, Sam/Jo; PG] He stands there looking sheepish in her doorway, and she can’t decide whether it would be better to let him in so she can rail at him in private or to slam the door in his face.

And the history books forgot about us
[Dean/Jo, Sam/Jo; PG] She knows he won’t be back, not for a long time.

Orbis non sufficit
An AU in which Dean and Jo are rival spies, gunning for the same weapon of mass destruction.

Orbis non sufficit
[Dean/Jo; PG] He's loathe to tell his people the mission is accomplished, wants to keep this particular piece of conspiracy for himself.

The Hinges of Destiny
[gen; PG] He knows he needs to make a decision soon.

The Man Who Knew Too Much
[gen; PG] He knows this is it. The end of the line. And he'll either disappear and become the man in Portugal or he'll be dead within the week.

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