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in the valley of red-hot steel and fire

Title: in the valley of red-hot steel and fire
Characters: Dean, Jamie, Sam (Dean/Jamie)
Rating: R, for sexing and some language
Word Count: 3436
Summary: "What can I say? If I had waited on you to rescue me, we probably wouldn't be here right now."
Notes: Porn… with a plot! Sort of. Written as part of the Bruce Springsteen Fic Project (song is "American Land"). Thanks to [personal profile] elanurel for coercing convincing me to write this, to [personal profile] joans23 for the awesome beta work, and [profile] aislinamara for the hand-holding and cheerleading.

This story has been moved to the AO3.

You took a self-defense course at the local police academy, but it didn't prepare you to actually defend yourself.

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