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In Dreams We Were Swept Together

Title: In Dreams We Were Swept Together
Characters: Boromir, River (Boromir/River)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 170
Summary: "Gondor will need its king and its steward and you cannot be one and will not be the other."
Notes: A Christmas gift for [profile] superduperkc, who wanted a continuation of my earlier Boromir/River ficlet (also written for her). Title is from "A Kinder Columbus" by Deb Talan.

In Dreams We Were Swept Together

She does not want him to leave. "Your brother," she says. "He is the one who should go. He is the dreamer."

Boromir isn't sure what to say to that—neither he nor Faramir have spoken about his journey to anyone save their father.

"But I must," he says at last.

"I know," she says sadly. "You must go and you cannot come back. Gondor will need its king and its steward and you cannot be one and will not be the other."

"What are you talking about, Little One?" Her words are cryptic, dreadful, and he is once again reminded of his father's warnings. Perhaps the girl is a witch.

She closes her eyes and shudders. "The eye," she moans. "It watches us all, waiting. It can see beyond the far reaches of the world." A frown creases her forehead, and Boromir longs to smooth it away. "It tempts you. It tempts us all."

He doesn't understand what she means, but the words send a chill down his spine.

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