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Orbis non sufficit

Title: Orbis non sufficit
Characters: Dean, Jo (implied Dean/Jo)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 340
Summary: He's loathe to tell his people the mission is accomplished, wants to keep this particular piece of conspiracy for himself.
Notes: A spy!AU. Written as a Christmas gift for [profile] discordia_intus, who wanted Dean/Jo. Title is from the Bond family motto (translates to: the world is not enough).

Orbis non sufficit | The Hinges of Destiny | The Man Who Knew Too Much

Orbis non sufficit

She's looking for something. He knows she is, and she probably knows he knows. She's looking for something – she always is – but the difference this time is he actually has it.

It's the final piece of a spectacular puzzle, the answer to a thousand riddles both his people and hers have been trying to solve for years. For once, it will be hard to let her take it from him. To be honest, he's loathe to tell his people the mission is accomplished, wants to keep this particular piece of conspiracy for himself.

It's a pretty piece of machinery. Both a key and a weapon, he got it from a dead man in a house in Portugal. He knows what it unlocks – the man told him – and now he's questioning his people's motives for getting the piece. He wonders if it's too late for him to fall off the grid and the weapon with him. He wonders if that's what the dead man in Portugal tried to do, knowing what the key is capable of doing. He wonders if she knows what it can do, that it can decimate the world in a single moment.

None of that stops him from catching her eye in the café of the hotel where they both are staying. She walks toward him purposefully. "Dean Winchester," she purrs, "we meet again."

He cracks a smile. "Josephine, imagine my surprise."

She reaches for his glass, leaning into him, her breasts pressing against his arm. "Scotch?" she asks.

"Of course." It's a dance they perform often, leading each other on, stepping back and waiting until the other catches up. It's dangerous – just like everything else in this job – but the thrill is too much to ignore.

"You have something I want," Josephine whispers hotly into his ear.

He pulls back. "Yes," he says, looking her in the eye. "You won't get it."

She gives him a wicked smile that usually has him dragging her back to his hotel room. "We'll see about that."


The story continues in The Hinges of Destiny

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