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The Queen of the Supermarket

title: The Queen of the Supermarket
characters: Dean, OFC
word count: 100
summary: Dean Winchester may be a little in love.
notes: Written for the Bruce Springsteen Fic Project. Beta'd by the awesome [personal profile] joans23.

The Queen of the Supermarket

Her name is Julia, and she has three kids and an ex-husband on parole who regularly misses child support payments. She'll be turning thirty-one in June, and she graduates from the local community college next May. She has cocoa skin and a frizzy halo of black hair that refuses to be tamed, even by the goofy caps everyone at Scotch's Grocery wears.

Dean Winchester may be a little in love with the supermarket cashier.

When he tries to ask her out, she replies, "You're old enough to be my dad," with an amused smile as she scans the canned peaches.
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i love the end of this! i totally wasn't expecting it to be futurefic, and i love that older dean is just as much a horndog as younger dean.


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Bless Dean. He always is gonna try!
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*snuggles fic* So cute! Oh, Dean :)

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This is just lovely in its simplicity. Thanks for sharing the read.

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Bwahahhahhaha!!!!! Love this!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!

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I wasn't expecting older Dean (fifty-ish? older?). But I love love love that that's what I got.
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