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a subtle sort of brilliance ([personal profile] theladyscribe) wrote in [community profile] avandell2009-04-06 03:49 pm

one kiss and my soul wanna burn

title: one kiss and my soul wanna burn
characters: Castiel, Dean (sorta Castiel/Dean)
word count: 100
summary: Castiel falls.
notes: Part of the Bruce Springsteen Fic Project. Title is from "Seven Angels." Thanks to [personal profile] joans23 for the once-over.

one kiss and my soul wanna burn

He falls. It's not nearly so dramatic as he thought it would be, no rain of fire or scourge come to cast him out of heaven. There is only him, pushing Dean Winchester to the ground as the world explodes around them.

He doesn't have time to think about what he's doing -- thought will only come later, after the battle is won and the war is over. Until then, he won't even know that he fell.

For now, though, he holds on, keeping a hand over the man's eyes as the brilliance of God shines out over the Earth.

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