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Title: In Dreams We Were Swept Together
Characters: Boromir, River (Boromir/River)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 170
Summary: "Gondor will need its king and its steward and you cannot be one and will not be the other."
Notes: A Christmas gift for [profile] superduperkc, who wanted a continuation of my earlier Boromir/River ficlet (also written for her). Title is from "A Kinder Columbus" by Deb Talan.

She does not want him to leave. )
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A complete listing of all of my fanfiction posted here. All one-shots are linked directly, series and mini-series are linked to their respective master posts. Fandoms are indicated, though the majority of these are Supernatural or crossovers with Supernatural (at the moment). Listed in chronological order of posting.

Stories are under the cut )
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Title: Left alone standing out on the street
Characters: Sam
Rating: PG
Word Count: 265
Summary: There are entire passages underlined, most prominently in the chapters on the Riders of Rohan.
Notes: Set between S3 and S4 of SPN. Originally written from a prompt from [profile] aislinamara: Dean and Eowyn would be an interesting crack pairing. Part of the Bruce Springsteen Project. Song used is "Jackson Cage."

Sam finds the book tucked into a deep, dark corner of the trunk of the Impala. )


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